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About Peru Agency – Peru Tours & Travel

PERU AGENCY is a Wholesale tour operator creating diverse tourism services that are tailor-made to the individual; specialists in creative and unique journeys in PeruEcuador, and Bolivia with experience in conventional, adventure, mystical, rural, luxury tourism, and ecotourism.

Business Name: PERU ON ROAD E.I.R.L.

Our Value Proposition

We organize personalized and safe experiences that connect with the emotions of travelers.


  • The personal connection with our clients is essential for our success.
  • We generate a shared value and a long and positive relationship with them.
    We exceed the expectations and necessities of the tourist and our corporate clients, offering personalized excursions tailored to the interests and profile of each client.
  • We build client confidence through a constant, genuine and honest commitment to serve them.
  • We ensure that the continual improvement of the quality of our services, of our work with the community and the environment, and the creation of new experiences for the tourist, permeate our day to day work.


  • Actively seek and consolidate relationships with new clients and constantly ensure recognition of their professionals through the quality of our services.
  • Create a numerous and diverse commercial client list directed at various sectors of the market to ensure the long-term stability of the company.
  • Lead and manage the international standards laid out in our certifications in order to become a leading South American tour operator within 6 years.
  • Maintain constant and sustainable growth.


  • Client and result oriented, to guarantee the continuity of the company, future service to clients and the stability of our staff.
  • Promote a culture of continual improvement and excellence in management and service with the aim of increasing competitiveness and creating value for staff and other interest groups.
  • Exceed the expectations of the client: a guarantee of success.
  • Embrace innovation: The creativity of our staff in improving service, the use of new technologies and the creation of value for our clients, in order to maintain the continued and sustained growth of the company
  • Quality: determined by all members of the team, internal and external, and should be driven by the philosophy of adding value to the service in order to exceed the expectations of the client
  • Teamwork and transparency: reliable communication, availability, cooperation and constant effort, our staff are open and honest.

Our commitments are

  • As an organization we constantly strive to create moments of pleasure in the lives of each of our clients, working to exceed their expectations. This effort, manifested daily in every area of the company, represents the basis of our organizational culture.
  • Achieve full client satisfaction by providing a high-quality service.
  • Promote a culture of continual improvement and excellence in management with the aim of increasing competitiveness and creating value for employees and the company, as well as for the region.
  • Minimize the negative impact of our operation on the environment and maximize the positive impact through our ongoing projects of reforestation and clean up in various high Andean communities.
  • We evaluate our client satisfaction with specific metrics in order to continually improve our services.

We comply with the legal norms applicable to our sector, driving good company practice in our region.


Promoting the conservation of natural resources: Renewable and non-renewable resources, using recycling and eco-efficient waste management in order to leave our future generations a healthy, habitable planet with sufficient resources.

Our Team

We have a multidisciplinary team of passionate and innovative experts who work together to plan and implement the development of the company, as well as the day to day services that we provide to individuals and companies that trust in us.

At Peru Agency we have an organizational culture based on diversity, participation, and teamwork, encouraging innovation at all times, and enjoy a work environment in accordance with the current trends of the company.

At Peru Agency we foster the talent of our workers through a solid working environment and an inclusive, horizontal structure where everyone has opportunities.

Our Story

2005 - How we began

In 2005 we began a dream in Cusco, aiming to show the world the cultural, archaeological, and natural richness of our region through a personalized service, creating unique experiences. Since then we have grown and little by little gained recognition in the Peruvian market as a responsible and creative operator.

2007 - Growth

In 2007 we began to expand our operations towards neighboring regions. Impressed by the great cultural, archaeological, and natural richness of our neighboring countries, we began marketing not only our services in Peru but also in other regions, always maintaining our standards of quality and personalized customer service.

2010 - Expansion

We are recognized operators of conventional, mystical esoteric, and ecological tourism, creating unique experiences in each destination. Our services are tailor-made for the tourist and designed to minimize any negative impact on the environment. We have developed a new form of tourism; we have involved our brothers from the Andean communities in the delivery of the service to the tourist, minimizing the negative impact on the environment, whilst also generating a responsible community rural tourism that allows our brothers to improve their income and us to value and understand our culture in greater depth.

2012 - We strengthen and become authorized operators for the Inca Trail tours

We are authorized by SERNANP to operate the Inca Trail route and all alternative routes such as Lares, Salkantay, Ausangate, Huchuy Qosqo, Choquequirao, etc. We maintain the same level of quality and personalized service on all routes.

2015 - New options in tourism

We are developing new and innovative adventure routes involving the participation of Andean communities to create a more complete and sustainable form of tourism. By tailoring our services more and more, we are able to offer an ever-greater range of services to the tourist, offering programs of a spiritual nature such as Ayahuasca or San Pedro retreats, rural tourism, conventional tourism, and combining all types of tourism including gastronomic tourism.

Our market continues to grow and we sell our services all over the world.

We have been awarded CALTUR level 3 (Golden level) certification of quality by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism.

2016 - 2017 International accreditations

After more than 10 years’ experience, we sought to accredit our services in order to guarantee the growth and sustainability of our company, and also its competitiveness in the market.

We have been awarded the AENOR international quality certification (homologated to ISO 9001 Ver 2008), and the CALTUR golden level quality certification by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism, and have an international accreditation for corporate social responsibility from TOURCERT – Germany.

2018 - 2020 ISO international certifications, direct operation in Bolivia as Bolivia Travel.

We are currently in the process of implementing the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 version 2015 certifications for quality and environment respectively.

We have reassessed our vision and mission and have decided to implement more aggressive environmental and corporate social responsibility policies with the high Andean communities of Peru.

Thanks to the constant inquiries of our clients about our neighboring country, Bolivia, we have started our own operations there as Bolivia Travel.