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Trading Name: PERU AGENCY
Company Name: PERU ON ROAD E.I.R.L.

PERU AGENCY is a wholesale tour operator offering diverse tourism services that are tailor-made to the individual; specialists in creative and unique journeys in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia with experience in conventional, adventure, mystical, rural, luxury tourism and ecotourism.

Why choose us?

  1. High standards of customer service
    1. Our priority is YOU, that’s why we look after you from start to finish; from the moment you contact us, providing you with current, reliable, trustworthy information about attractions to visit, accommodation, food, climate, etc; during the booking process we offer secure payment options and very competitive rates; and from the start of your trip, in an airport, station or wherever you begin your experience, until your departure, there is a travel specialist to look after you, your health, and in the event of an emergency can get in touch with your loved ones back home; it’s therefore important you provide us with a contact number in your country of origin
    2. We choose our service providers carefully, performing evaluations and visits to ensure that they can guarantee quality, hygiene and safety, and that they comply with all legal requirements.
    3. We personally monitor that all processes are carried out efficiently in order to ensure the success of our operations, especially services to tourists.     
    4. We contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities through our Rural Community Tourism programs, and by hiring porters and muleteers in the delivery of our adventure services.
    5. We provide 24 hour assistance for all our clients in the event of any emergency.
    6. Experience in tourism since 2005.
  2. Competitive rates
    • The advantage of being operators of our own services is that we can minimize intermediaries; and as wholesalers of tourism, negotiations with suppliers are highly advantageous for our clients; we believe our rates offer very good value for money
  3. Client safety
    • As a result of the COVID 19 situation, we have implemented strict health and safety rules in order to protect our clients and the staff who are looking after them.
  4. Experience from 2005

Quality and Environmental Certifications


PERU AGENCY got the quality certification of homologation to ISO 9001 Ver. 2008, the year 2017; and maintains it until 2021.


Peru Agency is a tour operator environmentally responsible; Peru Agency plants a tree for each tourist it receives (1 tourist / 1 tree), through its agreement with the organization You buy We plant.


Peru Agency is certified by Tourism Ministery of Peru at 2017 – CALTUR Golden Level. Actually we maintain it

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

PERU AGENCY is working to get ISO 9001 & 14001 certification; we hope to get it in April 2021.



PERU AGENCY (PERU ON ROAD EIRL), is the authorized Inca Trail Operator by SERNANP (National Service of Protected Natural Areas of the Peruvian Government). Feel safe to book the Inca trail with an authorized operator.


Peru Trademark, this seal can only be used by licensees of the Peru trademark, who have been rigorously evaluated by PROMPERU (the Peruvian Government’s Tourism and Export Promotion Agency). Peru Agency has been a licensee of the PERU trademark since 2016 and has been renewing this license year after year.


PERU AGENCY is authorized by Peruvian Ministry of Tourism to arrange traditional tourism, adventure tourism, rural tourism and wellness.